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AdQuizVideo review - What Is AdQuizVideo?

Having engaging quizzes is one of the easiest ways to get the highest engagement and conversions for your business, and the best part is that quizzes get shared like crazy.

But they still have some problems…

Some of you may not have a quiz on your landing page for higher conversions. Some find it difficult and expensive to create a captivating quiz. It also takes them countless time to build one with all the questions and recommendation.

That’s the main reason why AdQuiz Video has been created.

AdQuizVideo is a high engaging and unique quiz engine that designed to help online marketers create highly engaging quizzes and video quizzes in a snap. Just follow three simple steps and you can start profiting no matter what your niche is. It helps you not only increase traffic and engagement but also generate your revenue without any technical skills.

How Does AdQuizVideo Work?

Special Features of AdQuizVideo:

Choose From Text Or Image Questions And Answers And Immediate Response Questions

To make this experience extremely interactive and engaging for your customers, they are offering you an option of text and image to pose as both questions and answers!

In-App Lead Capture

You don’t need to capture leads from any external source anymore. AdQuizVideo allows you to configure and capture leads from within the app.

Share Your Personality Quiz On All Social Networks And Embed On Your Website

It's a no-brainer, anything online is incomplete without the involvement of Social Networks. AdQuizVideo allows you to share the results of your quizzes seamlessly onto Facebook and other networks with just a click of a button.

Facebook Pixel Code For Retargeting The Users Who Take The Quiz.

Leverage the Facebook Pixel for retargeting those users who took the quiz but got interrupted in between. The Facebook pixel will ensure that they see your quiz again and again till they return to their quiz and add to your leads.

Your Offer Call to Action

Show a powerful video or image with your call to action. You can even specify a link in the offer. Immediately directing any traffic to your sites, offers, or affiliate offers. Your audience will happily click on your link as it ties in with the micro-commitments that are being made while answering the questions

Export Quiz Data

Ad Quiz Video gives you the liberty to export your quiz data in an excel sheet format to your system. This gives you the flexibility to work with your results data on your terms and use them how you wish.

Customize the Look And Feel of Your Quiz to Match Your Brand

AdQuizVideo gives you the liberty to export your quiz data in an excel sheet format to your system. This gives you the flexibility to work with your results data on your terms and use them how you wish.

Track Analytics and Share Statistics In A Centralized Dashboard

Learn the exact know-how of your quizzes! Know the buying trends of your customers, which answers are most popular with the majority and what products sell most with a certain section of buyers! Know what sells so you can re-track your marketing strategy! Their sleek dashboard interface allows you to share these stats as well!!

100 % Mobile Responsive

Ad QuizVideo is 100% mobile responsive so that you can access your quizzes and analytics even when you don't have access to your desktop or laptop. You can access your marketing easily on any device. The Quizzes have been built to run on any mobile device and make possible to untapped the most growing market in the whole internet*

Automatically Push Leads To Your System for Immediate Autoresponder

Since you can't write automated messages in advance, AdQuizVideo will drive leads to your systems so that your prospective clients can hear from you immediately! Nothing impresses more than speed, and this will guarantee that expect better conversion rates instantly!

Capture Leads through Web Form or Facebook Login

Control how you capture leads for every quiz you generate. AdQuizVideo will divert your leads to any portal of your choice, from a web form to a Facebook Login so that you can utilize the data for each quiz in any manner or format you choose.

This app will work for:

• Fitness Quiz

• Fashion Quiz

• Restaurant Quiz

• Face Skin Quiz

• Gardening

• Business Coaching

• Vacation & Travel

• Sports & Health

• Kids & Toys

• Cooking

• Interior Decor

• Internet Marketing

• Physical Giveaways

• Pets

How It Works:

#STEP 1: Pick Your Quiz Template

Each quiz is pre-loaded with everything, but you can of course also upload your images and create any quiz you like from scratch.

#STEP 2: Configure Leads & Offers

Select your leads capture form and fill in the text you wish to see displayed. Once you’ve done that, choose the placement of your form and your CTA. Select your offer type which it’s a way to show your perfect product or offer to quiz takers. You can choose between text offer, image offer with CTA, video offer with or without CTA.

#STEP 3: Publish!

Why Should You Get AdQuizVideo Now?

Videos have now completely conquered the Internet. People are likely to spend more time on your page if it has videos on it. If you don't use video as part of your marketing funnel, you are going to be left behind! Video search results have a 41% higher click-through than plain text results…And that's why you need AdQuizVdideo to insert a video next to your results!


Segment your quiz takers by their results and send tailor-made emails in accordance to their answers! You can choose to put the emails people give you on different lists…This, in turn, allows you to increase deliverability, opens rates, and click rates.


Easily integrate the quiz with your favorite email software, allowing you to build automated email campaigns that drip the perfect content to every lead captured!

Lead Capture

Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of your quiz or assessment using their customizable lead capture form.

Product Promotion

Promote the perfect product or services right after you quiz takers results, making sure you never miss a sales opportunity.

With this product, you don't need any technical knowledge to generate leads 24/7 on complete autopilot. You can now engage your audience even more for even higher conversions using videos on your quizzes relationship niche example.

Nothing is more engaging than video, and now you can combine video with behavior-driven marketing & quizzes.

AdQuizVideo comes with pre-loaded images and video templates for you, and you can use your pictures & videos as well. Their templates cover some of the biggest niches out there. They created it specifically with the newbie in mind - It’s insanely intuitive & easy to use.

If that's not reason enough to buy AdQuizVideo already. They give 110% of their energy to make you happy, that's why they include this for you...

They host all your LeadTools. So when your post goes viral, they pay for the all the traffic! They will give you all of their support. Use their Helpdesk; they even help you setup if you are stuck!

And it’s not stopping there…They want you to succeed. That’s why to have setup a ton of training videos throughout the entire application. Right there, on every step, you’ll find a training video that will help you out when in need.

Exclusive Bonuses From AdQuizVideo


Hands-On Bonus Workshop September 20th

Live Coaching With Mario - How to get paid 100% commission & guaranteed approval as affiliate

This is a live session that he’s directly teaching you advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies.

Also, and this is big! He’s going to show you how to get paid 100% Commission for products you promote and how to get guaranteed approval to be an Affiliate.

You might not know this, but a lot of affiliates starting out do not get approved when they try to promote a great looking product or launch.

With his resource here you’ll be guaranteed to be approved.

Plus, he shows you how to earn 100% commission, meaning you get to keep all the profits.

This is a live training you don’t want to miss.


Hands-On Bonus Workshop September 21st

Live Coaching With Mario - How To Build Your List FAST!

You might be thinking that this will be hard because you don’t have a list yet, right?

Well during this coaching session will teach you to step by step, in very detail how to build your list from scratch the fastest way possible.

The perfect lead magnet, exactly what to give away and most importantly how to drive a flood of excited leads and prospects to your offer.

With your list now in place, Affiliate Marketing becomes even more powerful.

Do you want to generate revenue? Mail your subscribers an amazing offer.

During this call, you’ll master Listbuilding so that you can start monetizing right away using great affiliate offers and all the strategies and tactics inside ‘Video Ads Mastery.’


Don’t miss out and jump in this amazing product before the price goes up.

All in all, thanks for reading my AdQuizVideo review. I do hope that you will find lots of useful information to make a smart decision. In case you have any further question, please feel free to get in touch with me.


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